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About Us

Stemming from a true passion for the land, we have spent our entire lives fully engulfed in the love for the landscape. Anything and everything habitat is what occupies our minds, 24/7/365. This is more than just a passion for us, this is our lifestyle. We strive to improve the landscape with each and every project we embark on, and there is no doubt we have left every single acre we've touched in a greatly improved state than when we started. We strive to return the landscape to a healthy, native, and productive ecosystem that will last for generations to come.

Who We Are

Justin, Drake, and Skip live and breathe all things recreational land. The team has spent the last 20+ years improving the landscape across more than 225 properties across southern Iowa and the Midwest. Whitetail deer are the true core of what has driven us to be best land stewards we can possibly be.

From the back 40, to the 2,500 acre whitetail mecca, we have seen it all. Throughout countless thousands of acres of timber stand improvement, thousands of food plots, tens of thousands of acres of native prairie establishment and management, we have acquired an immensely vast amount of experience on a countless number of situations. We can only get so much work done with our own hands, and with the amount of acres that NEED improvement for the success of our ecosystem, Vitality Visions was born. We are here to offer our experiences direct to the land manager to help save YEARS of learning and trial and error. It can take many years to transform a landscape, and if you spend the first 5 years learning the ropes, that is 5 years lost that could have been spent enjoying your property. We exist to shorten the learning curve, and make every acre of land the very best that it can be.

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What We Do

We are serious land managers that exist to bring life back to the landscape. That is our passion. Our days are spent with boots on the ground manipulating the landscape and bringing it to peak wildlife value through a wide array of projects. 

We exist to bring your land to the maximum level that it can possibly reach to satisfy your specific goals. Whether providing advice for large scale timber projects, setting up your land to hunt as efficiently as possible, to managing soil health for peak nutritional value, we provide an all encompassing land management service.

Contact us for a custom quote fit to your exact needs!

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